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Tunnel Creek Access

Park in the gravel lot immediately south of the HWY 3 Tunnel (20 km from Fernie). Ski up the road on the south side of Tunnel Creek for 3.7 km, 485 vertical meters. On the 3rd major (180 degree) switchback turn right off the road at a drainage and climb another 1.3 kilometers and 275 meters to the Tunnel Hut. Along this route make sure you climb to the right after you have gained the steep headwall (on the attached map). You will then be climbing below the Sunnyside Slope of Tunnel Ridge and will see the hut in an open meadow.

Tunnel Creek: N 49degrees 20 min 48.3 sec, W 115deg 03min 38.5min at an altitude of 1715 meters

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Avalanche on Tunnel Creek Access Road

An Avalanche Canada MIN report was posted this week regarding a Class 3 slide that covered the Tunnel Creek access road. Last week’s high avalanche cycle and special warning from Avalanche Canada saw naturual size 3.5 avalanches occur throughout the Lizard Range. The Tunnel Creek Size 3 slide (probably Jan 10 as it had 15cm […]

Fernie Huts Getting Ready for Winter

The Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club is preparing it’s backcountry overnight Fernie huts for a busy winter season. The Thunder Meadows and Tunnel Creek are basic backcounty huts geared towards ski and split-board mountaineering and are rented on a nightly basis. Each Autumn Club members get together to gather firewood, fill the propane and […]

Fernie Backcountry is closed

All hiking and biking trails in Fernie and surrounding area are closed. This included our cabins; Thunder Meadows, Montane and Tunnel Creek. Unfortunately our Harvey Hut burnt in the out-of-control Lodgepole fire on the weekend. In the interest of public safety, effective at noon Pacific Time on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017, all Crown land within […]

Tunnel Creek Solar Power

Tunnel Creek entered the new year with Solar Power! The new solar panels will power e lights. Additional avalanche awareness signage was also added to hurts exterior.

New Tunnel Creek Avalanche Sign

Those of you skiing at Tunnel Creek will notice the new Avalanche sign complements of BC Recreation Sites & Trails Thanks to funding from BC Recreation Sites & Trails, Avalanche Canada has mapped all of BC’s provincially managed snowmobile recreation areas and many of the backcountry ski areas using the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale. This […]

Fernie Brewing Donates

The Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club (FT&STC) is very pleased to announce that Fernie Brewing Co. (FBC) donated $3671.64 to our club. Lets give a big thanks to FBC! This February 16th to March 31st, FBC featured the FT&STC in their “Cheers to Charity” fundraising program. The funds will help with ongoing trail and […]

A cabin in one day!

Thank you to those who helped out Saturday, you made a great work party! Lots of people came out to help and the new cabin addition went up in one day. The addition is for day users and has a wood stove and kitchen area. And after a good days work the crew enjoyed the […]

Tunnel Creek taking shape

The work party last Sunday finished the foundation cribbing and installed the floor joists. Good effort everyone. The next work weekend is the big one, we will be flying walls and windows door, shingles, plywood Etc. With enough people on hand we will have the addition up and weatherproof in two days. The plan will […]

Tunnel Creek work update

Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club’s industrious leader, Ian Stokie, sustained a broken neck and hand in a mountain biking accident. These injuries will slow Ian down for a while. Ian believes we can still move ahead with the planned work at Tunnel Creek as long as there are enough people interested. He can still […]

Tunnel Creek addition and news

The FT&STC will be working on the Tunnel Creek Hut this September. Planning to reclad and put in foundations Sept 5th & 6th. Then prefabbing the Addition at Gord Ohms shop and having it in place by the end of Sept. People interested in helping with this project can reply to Ian Stokie ( This […]

Tunnel Creek Thanksgiving Workparty

There is a work party at tunnel creek hut on Sat Oct. 6th. The work includes: brush clearing, staining, painting, and finishing building the composting toilet. Access is a 40 minute hike from the upper parking lot (truck access only). If you need need more info call Ian @ 250 423-0726

Tunnel Creek Avalanche Report Feb 8 2012

Gord and Dave have been busy doing field observations for the Canadian Avalanche Association. The have graciously forwarded their reports and findings for posting on Fernie Trails. Thanks guys! Had a good look at this avalanche today – cornice triggered Na 12-02-05 0500 +/- 12hrs . – E asp 2050m – 1750m – 350m W […]

Tunnel Creek Snow Conditions

Beautiful day today – 25 new up high – avg 140 HS at the cabin, 190 at the ridge skied well – was a temp crust below the new snow but smooth and pleasant Dec 11 surface hoar 90 cm down at 1900m – unreactive in compression test N aspect rain crust on the rd […]

Tunnel Hut Over-nighter

Maren and I decided Saturday morning to go for a snowshoe and spend a night in the new hut. Ian and the building crew did a fantastic job. The new hut is very well thought out and very efficient. We had a wonderful steak dinner, played some cards, drank a little rum and had a […]

Tunnel Creek Snowshoe

Did a snowshoe trip up Tunnel Creek to the new Tunnel Creek Hut on on December 3. Had to walk the first kilometer up the road and then used the snowshoes for the next 4 km. The steady climb to the Hut from Highway 3 took just over 2 hours for the 5 km (3 […]

Tunnel Creek Cabin

Tunnel Creek Cabin is sitting in its permanent home at 5625 feet in the Lizard Range just south of Fernie. At this time the cabin is not being booked as the toilet is not functional. This should be taken care of shortly, a posting will be made regarding the booking status. Booking will be managed […]

Tunnel Creek Cabin Liftoff Pending

The liftoff of the Tunnel Creek cabin from Gord Ohm’s workshop to its final resting spot just below the tree line in Tunnel Creek is pending. Clear skies later this week could be the window that we are looking for. NASA is not involved. Here are s few pics from last evenings work crew. Pat […]

Tunnel Creek Cabin Update

The cabin project moved closer to fruition with another productive day of work lead by Ian Stokie, Master Carpenter and concept provider, and grunts. The siding was applied today and the remaining tasks are spray foaming the inside, covering the foam with plywood, building the bunks and table, installing the door, windows,heater and lights, and […]

Tunnel Creek Cabin Progress

Tunnel Creek’s main cabin structure came together quickly with a good work crew and the experience from the prototype outhouse. Robin Siggers suggests that Ian Stokie is on to something, a light portable cabin design that can be patented. Stokie is confident that it will stand up to a Fernie snow pack and this should […]

Tunnel Creek Cabin – The Beginning

Some ten years after the first application to build a ski touring recreation cabin in Tunnel Creek was submitted, it is finally happening. The Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club received permission from the Ministry of Tourism to establish a recreation site and trails. An alpine style cabin designed to sleep six is being built […]