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Avalanche Information

Wigwam Flats and Silver Springs Rim Biking

Wigwam Flats - Google

This spring our biking activities outward from Elko and along the Rocky Road (motorized closure) to the Wigwam Flats is causing a big issue with wildlife concerns. Bighorn Sheep are lambing along the Wigwam River Rim and the Silver Springs Lake Rim when we have our maximum visitations by mountain bikers. This activity has increased [...]

FT&STC inducted to Fernie's Ski Wall of Fame

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The Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club is officially on Fernie’s Ski Wall of Fame! The Fernie Skiing Heritage society awarded the founders at the Class of 2014 Induction.

Here is the citation from the gala event:

The growth and success of a mountain living community is the many ski experiences that are [...]

Ian Stokie presented Fernie Mountain Culture Award

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Ian Stokie, President of the Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club, has been awarded the Fernie Mountain Culture Award for 2014. There were four generations of Stokies at the presentation to celebrate with Ian.

We can all thank Ian for is years of hard work and dedication to our community, ski racing, ski instructing, [...]

Got a little scared today...


In this last work shift, it has been difficult for the South Rockies field team to find safe terrain for making snowpack and avalanche observations. We chose itineraries that mostly avoided avalanche terrain, and we still got to see some surprising avalanche events.

Our day turned into an enactment of what the SPAW (special public [...]

Cedar Valley - Cabin Bowl Avalanche

Lizard Range - Thunder Meadows Terrain

A very large avalanche storm released this week down the south side of Cabin Bowl from the Orca Rock starting zone. It carried on across Lizard Creek, up through the Old Growth Forest and onto the Cedar Valley road access to Island Lake Lodge. No people involvement reported.

Cedar Valley Avalanche


2014 AGM

AGM 2004


King Bros

The FTASTC 2014 AGM will be held Wednesday, February 19 at Freshies Coffee at 7 PM.

Agenda Items will include

Ski Hills boundary expansion Plans ( entire Lizard Range north to Island Lake Property)

Hut Bookings and Online Waivers. (Seasonal Memberships)

Sponsorship of Ski Mountaineering Event

Addition to Tunnel Creek Hut

Financial Report

Summer Trail [...]

Avalanche involvement near Coal Mountain on January 5.

by Tamara Hynd – The Free Press posted Jan 6, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Sparwood Search and Rescue (SAR) was activated at 3:30 pm by the Elk Valley RCMP on Sunday, January 5 to rescue a backcountry skier who sustained minor injuries after being caught in an avalanche in the Corbin Road area approximately 25 [...]

Test results on a critical avalanche layer

Gord Ohm in pit

On December 24th in the Harvey Pass area, a skier triggered the facet/crust layer from a sparsely treed slope at treeline. This slab propagated well above the skier releasing the slab from the ridgeline around 2288 m. This avalanche was reported as a size 2.

Here is Gord ND Jen assessing the weak layer:


Surface Hoar Layer in the Flathead Subregion

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.04.04 PM

On December 19th the Southern Rockies Avai team observed the late November surface hoar layer in our Flathead sub region. The firm snow above the weak layer has formed a slab that may be sensitive to sled and ski triggering. Watch Gord Ohm locate the failure of the layer during a snowpack test.