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Bookings & Procedures

A Fernie Trails and Ski Touring membership is required to book the cabin and at least one member must be present in each user group. Memberships are open to the general public for a fee of $40/individual or $80/family. Membership provides you with a Fernie Trails Pass – Winter & Summer 2019. The new pass includes FT&STC hut access, Montane 4-season trail access, winter grooming, and a FTA trail supporter pass. Memberships are available here.

These are rustic backcountry cabins with no regular custodian. Cleaning is dependant on the previous guests. You should expect the odd mouse or pack rack and the occasional irresponsible guests. Please report any misuse of our facilities to

Cabin Fees are $100 per night for entire hut (maximum 10 people). Summer rates are $50 for the entire hut (July to October). There also is a $10 booking fee to cover administration, payment processing and taxes.

Winter bookings will be available online here beginning November 1st. Only FT&STC members can book, get your membership here.

The Guides Hut administrates the bookings for us. They will be calling you for payment and approve your online request afterwards. Members of the party are required to sign waivers at the Guides Hut prior to your cabin stay. Parties who are non-compliant risk being black listed from future bookings.

There are no cancellations, credits or refunds and we kindly ask that you do not contact us with any request. The cabin service is inexpensive and all monies are reinvested in the cabin for your next visit. If you’re not using your booking please advise the Guides Hut. If transferring your booking to another party, please contact the Guides Hut to update the emergency contact information.

Thunder Meadows remains open for day use for people passing through. Day use is defined as stopping in to get warm or to have lunch. It does not include cooking or support camping outside the cabin. Donations for day use can be made here.

The cabin is closed during May and June for wildlife protection, to comply with a Ministry of Environment regulation.

Thunder Meadows hut is equipped with the following:
– Bunk beds and 8 foamies.
– Wood stove and wood supply. Bring fire starting paper. Please try to conserve as wood is flown in at great cost.
– Solar powered lights.
– Meltwater pot and greywater pot.
– Propane camp stove with propane.
– Cooking pots, plates, cups, cutlers and coffee maker.
– Outdoor toilet located 30m behind the hut. Bring toilet paper.
– Axe, shovel and fire extinguisher.

We have a few items to help you and others enjoy the cabin, please read and respect.

1. The firewood and propane is flown in by helicopter each autumn at great expense, please conserve. Keep the stove door closed when burning wood, the glass can be cleaned with a rag and water. Please melt snow on the wood stove rather than using the propane. Summer users please collect dead wood in the forest, please do not use the expensive larch from inside the cabin.

2. Please use the outhouse (located behind the cabin) for everything, including urinating. Bacteria from urine works it way up through the snow-pack towards light creating a health hazard. You know where you urinate however the next group does not and could become ill from your bacteria. This is the reason why dogs are not allowed at Thunder Meadows.

3. Please power the lights on and off from the fixture and turn off when touring and on your departure. Our solar panel system can be compromised with prolonged snow cycles, please conserve.

4. Please pack out everything that you bring including all tins, glass and food.

5. Ensure that the door and windows are closed and latched when leaving.

6. Properly clean the cabin for the next guests, we have no custodian to clean after you. Unfortunately the cabin may be left uncleaned—please be prepared to clean it.

7. Dogs are NOT permitted at Thunder Meadows Hut in the winter, as they put guests in danger due to contaminated snow which is used for water consumption.

outside cabin


There is NO water at the cabin and depending on the year, the nearby lake might be dry.

The access trail is unsigned, rough, steep, slippery and in places non-existent, give your group adequate time and use at your own risk.

The cabin is very rustic and remote, and there is no custodian.

The club repairs and cleans the cabin at least twice per year however it is the responsibility of the users to clean the cabin following a booking.

Unfortunately the cabin may be left uncleaned—be prepared to clean it.

Occasionally functions of the cabin are broken—stoves, windows, the door, etc. Please repair or report any repair issues to

The outhouse has been constructed for access with a winter snowpack and has no stairs.

The cabin is home to flies and mice, and bears, goats, and other animals frequent the area.

Please enjoy your stay.

inside cabin

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Hiked up to Thunder Meadows on Saturday. Some tough climbing over the head wall into Thirstquencher Bowl and then the going was good. Avalanches had cut down lots of trees in Cabin Bowl and made some nice gladded skiing for some other time. Very hardpack conditions but some good powder skiing in the trees in Orca Bowl on the way home.
[inline:Still Climbing_1.jpg]


[inline:Thunder Meadows Hut_1.jpg]